What sets us apart? Besides our team being a certified premier Google Partner?

We take a ROI driven approach to PPC advertising – no fluff, results-oriented strategies. Taking a 360 view of how and why a lead would click and ensuring we’re tracking, tweaking and managing as the landscape changes, because it will. Daily.



Our PPC package includes:

1.     Competitor, market and industry research

2.     Extensive keyword research focused on generating leads and sales

3.     Hand written ad-copy, tailored to each conversion goal

4.     New campaign development: developed based on performance history, business objectives and experience

5.     Strategic match type & negative keyword implementation: ensuring you don’t show up in irrelevant searches

6.     Ad Extension setup: when applicable

7.     Bid & Budget management: - ensuring that you’re taking full advantage of your allotted budget, bidding for the most profitable keywords, and maintaining a high ROI are all top of mind for us.

8.     Ad management: refreshing keywords when necessary combating ad fatigue and improving conversions

9.     Keyword expansion: because a keyword list is never complete, we continuously expand your existing keyword list as we acquire new data.

10.  Extensive Ad Tracking: Every Pay-Per-Click Campaign we create comes with extensive tracking capabilities. This enables both you and SocialCents Media to easily monitor the leads your campaign produces and how they are converting through the following channels:

Phone Calls: Date & Time the Call was Made, Caller ID Information (excluding Blocked Numbers & Cell Phones), Call Duration, Call Recording - allows you to playback/listen to your PPC Lead Calls, Two Local or Toll Free Numbers are Included with Each Campaign

Caller Email Leads: Date & Time Email was Submitted, Email Address & Email Sender's Name, In Some Cases, Phone Numbers are also Captured

Form Submissions: Date & Time of Form Submission


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